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Never before has the future of our healthcare in America seemed so volatile and uncertain. From a physician standpoint, I am bombarded almost daily with new challenges mandated by our government, insurance companies, and third-party managers, all of whom place themselves between the doctor and the patient. The goal of many of these changes is to provide higher quality healthcare at a lower cost. However, instead, huge barriers are created between the doctor and the patient, interfering in the decision of what is in the patient’s best interest.

With the re-branding of our practice at OrthoKnox, we are dedicated to delivering care that is in the best interest of our patients. To do this we seek to truly understand what our patients themselves value most.

I am a fourth generation physician in the East Tennessee area. My great-grandfather graduated medical school in 1911 and was head of the Knox County Health Department. His son, my grandfather, was a general practitioner in Knoxville for over forty years, and my father is an orthopaedic surgeon who has taken great care of our community also for more than forty years. In my fifteen years of practice, I believe that the healthcare values most important to my great-grandfather’s patients over 100 years ago, are the same ones most important to my patients now: genuine compassion, time personally spent with patients, good decisions made with integrity, and care delivered in a prompt and timely fashion. All of these are hallmarks of quality care.

Oh, we get very proud of our ability to offer such fantastic healthcare advances as robotic knee and hip replacements or all-arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs, both of which I love sharing with patients, and both of which notably improve the patient’s outcome. However, we cannot forget the basics of quality healthcare.

With this in mind, at OrthoKnox, our commitment to you is reflected in our mission statement, “…the only consideration is what is in the best interest of our patients”.


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