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The hip joint is an area of increasing interest in orthopedics today. There are recent advances in the minimally invasive treatment of hip problems, both in arthroscopy and in total joint replacement.

In Knoxville, Tennessee, OrthoKnox surgeons and physical therapists provide the latest treatments for your hip condition, including:


Hip Arthroscopy

From an arthroscopic approach, hips with cartilage tears or impingement can be arthroscopically treated through small incisions with vastly reduced pain and rehab than with an open hip approach.

Hip Replacement

Osteoarthritis is the main indication for hip replacement surgery. Our goal is maximum recovery of hip function with preservation of normal and healthy tissue. Diligent follow-up care after surgery and a personalized rehabilitation program help get our patients back to the activities that they enjoy. There are several advancements in the field of replacement.

Improved alignment of implants is afforded with the MAKOplasty® technique for hip replacement. This technique utilizes the latest in computerized imaging, navigation and robotic arm technology. These advancements allow the surgeon to perform a more accurate and precise placement of the implants; in this case, the acetabular component of the hip.

Another cutting-edge technique in use at OrthoKnox involves our interest in bone preservation. This feature is the key to the Birmingham Hip™ (BHR™). This technique is a resurfacing of the osteoarthritic hip that may be indicated in younger patients in whom we predict revision surgery in their future. If we can preserve bone with the hip resurfacing procedure now, there will be better bone and better options for them in hip revision surgery down the road.

Hip Fractures

Falls are the most common cause of hip fractures in older adults. Risk factors other than age include osteoporosis, chronic medical conditions, alcohol and tobacco use, female gender, certain medications such as prednisone, inactivity, history of previous senile fractures and poor nutrition.

Some of these risks can be controlled or modified and some cannot. We recommend that all at-risk patients have proper evaluation for bone mineral density and consultation about modifying one’s risk factors.

Surgery for hip fractures is highly individualized and most dependent on the pattern of the fracture as judged on X-ray. Some femoral neck fractures may be very well treated by screw fixation while others may require replacement. Fractures that occur below the neck of the femur are most often treated by plates, screws, or rods that stabilize the bone for healing.

If you’re experiencing hip pain, an evaluation at OrthoKnox in Knoxville, Tennessee can lead to a solution. Call (865) 251-3030 today or request an appointment online for quality orthopedic care for your hips. To learn more about hip problems and solutions, visit our patient education library.

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